4 Mindfulness Practices to Decrease Stress

By Rachel Grunwell – yoga + meditation teacher, wellness coach, author of the book Balance, and co-leader of the Mindful Moments retreats at the Polynesian Spa

Here are 5 mindfulness practices that can help elevate your life. Choose the practice that best speaks to your heart and work on this idea. Or have a go at all five practices if you are super curious. I recommend all of these ideas. I’m personally working on all myself to feel more in balance and happier.

  1. give thanks. Feel grateful for someone, or something, in your life that makes you smile. It could be your cat, a loved one, a place you love to be in….. Tune into gratitude for this place, person or thing that makes you happy. Use visualization.
  2. Movement is medicine. Move your body in a mindful way to help you feel more vibrantly alive. Movement helps your body, as well as your mind and soul. We are made to move. So move in a way that moves you… Sometimes we can get stuck in the “thinking”. Movement helps to clear our mind and feel more in the present moment.
  3. Try mindfulness meditation. Learn how to be more present, aware, and tuned into the moment. This is all just about taking a few moments to check in with yourself in how you are thinking and feeling and then choosing how you wish to be. You don’t need to be cross-legged and in India and sitting in silence. You can be anywhere and do this anytime. Mindfulness helps us respond too with a more considered mind – rather than having knee jerk reactions.
  4. Sleep well. This means 7 hours plus a day. Kids need more – and so do athletes. Sleep helps us to think more clearly. It helps us to feel calmer and happier and to tap into more creativity. If you want to be productive… then sleep like a baby so you can live like a beast. 🙂
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