Apricots are a golden and reddish fruit, and they are full of antioxidants

Golden and rosy apricots packed with beta carotene, vitamin C and fibre, are not only delicious in taste but also a health pack hard to ignore. It is available all year round, either fresh at the market or in cans. Full of antioxidants, apricots are a better choice for remedying deficiencies than any other fruit.


Apricot Nutrition

Apricots are a great source of Vitamins A and C and variants of Vitamin B. Antioxidants are present in a great variety namely Quercetin, Gallic acid, Caffeic acid, Catechins, Hydroxycinnamic, etc. These antioxidants function in the body to deal with many problems.

Functions and benefits

Several diseases and conditions like cancer, fever, stomach problems, constipation, etc. can be overcome by consuming apricots regularly. You can extract apricot oil from the seeds, use it in cosmetics, and apply it for skin repair, and as a muscle relaxant.

Beneficial for the eyes

The abundant presence of carotenoids in apricots helps in slowing down the aging process of the eyes, just like the Retina of the eye, and regular consumption of apricots helps in reducing the loss of vision as well.


The catechin antioxidants present in apricots control inflammation of the blood arteries and other parts of the body. On the one hand, it helps in controlling hypertension.

Helps the Digestive System

The fibrous texture of apricots really helps the digestive system, especially for its laxative effect because of its enzymes and fiber, which trigger smooth bowel movements. Gastric juices are stimulated and help chronic constipation patients. Its regular intake will make the muscles of the entire digestive system more regular.


Against Cancer

Apricot seeds contain oil which contains vitamin B 17 which kills cancer cells.

Treating Anemia

Apricots contain iron and copper which react in the formation of hemoglobin. Deficiency of hemoglobin is called Anemia, which weakens the whole system of the body, and exhausts the body; digestive problems, and many other problems associated with it. When the body makes more red blood cells, this problem goes away.

So apricot is your vocation for breakfast and daily snacks. The iron in apricots helps in the formation of red blood cells and improves metabolism for the normal functioning of the body.

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Healthy Bones

Apricots have most of the essential minerals in them which help in the formation of bones and nourish them with their intake, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus iron etc. Its regular use will strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Healthy bones

Colds and flu

Apricots help strengthen your immune system, so it’s a shield against colds and colds.

Colds and flu

Maintain electrolyte balance

Potassium and sodium minerals present in apricots maintain liquidity and fluid flow. It is very important to ensure constant flow to every part of the body, by keeping the electrolytic system running smoothly. The right system ensures the reduction of cramps, increases the energy level of the body.

Moreover, apricots are rich in water and hydrate the body very well.

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Cure skin problems

Skin diseases such as dry skin and eczema. Apricot oil, which contains high levels of vitamins A and E, treats aging, eczema and dryness of the skin. These problems can be controlled with regular use of Apricot Oil.

Apart from that, apricots are rich in vitamins C and E which protect your skin from harmful UV rays and also fight skin damage. Not only that, apricots can also fight wrinkles and increase skin elasticity and strength due to the presence of Vitamin C.

apricots for women's health
Ideal for women’s health, skin & hair too!

Supporting Pregnant Women

Since apricots contain several important vitamins and minerals, they are a great addition to a pregnant woman’s diet. Also, dried apricots facilitate bowel movement in pregnant women. Therefore, the expectant mother must include the same in her daily routine.

Hair Care

You can mix apricot oil with other oils and apply it on the skull to make hair shiny. This fruit is rich in Omega 9 fatty acids and oleic acid. It hydrates and nourishes hair, prevents dry hair, hair loss, softens hair strands, and also makes hair shiny.

Apart from that, the use of apricot oil also results in the growth of new hair.

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Acts as a moisturizer

Since apricots have hydrating properties, they are also great for skin health. Apricot oil is a great moisturizer and you can apply it on your hands, arms and other parts of your body. This helps retain skin moisture while making it soft and supple.

How to consume

You can consume apricots, dried or fresh in many ways-

apricot benefits
Use apricots to enhance the taste of different dishes!

You can eat raw apricots after washing and with salads too.

Apricot slices dipped in cereal is also a good way to go.

With green tea, it is a very rich choice

Mixed with coarse pancakes

You can cook apricots with chicken and other vegetables

Add it to smoothies for more benefits

For asthma patients, sulfur and its compounds are not suitable for their health. When preserved in large quantities, apricots are mixed with sulfur and sulfites which can be dangerous for asthmatics. So fresh apricots are always a treat, and should be a top priority because they are high in nutrients needed for a healthy body.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apricots

Are apricots rich in sugar?

Luckily, apricots are low in sugar and that’s why they’re ideal for snacking. Fresh apricots only contain almost 3 grams of sugar.

Can diabetic patients eat apricots?

Yes they can. One fruit contains only 17 grams of calories and 4 grams of carbohydrates according to the USDA. Moreover, this fruit has a lot of vitamin A which improves immunity and vision, which is great for diabetics. Therefore, include it in your diabetes meal plan now!

Can I eat dried apricots?
Eat dried apricots daily in small quantities.

Dried apricots provide lots of vitamins and minerals except for a lower content of water and Vitamin C. This is a health food that is highly recommended to meet daily nutritional needs. Eat it in the morning or as an afternoon snack in small portions.