Are Juan Jesus and Gabriel Jesus related By Family? –

Are Juan Jesus and Gabriel Jesus related? There has been speculation about their relationship due to the similarity of last names.

Juan Guilherme Nunes Jesus, also known as Juan Jesus or simply Juan or Juje, is a talented professional footballer from Brazil. He was born on June 10, 1991 and is known for his defensive abilities while playing for Napoli, a well-known Serie A club.

Apart from his club career, Juan Jesus proudly represents his country by playing for the Brazilian national team.

Juan’s journey in football began in 2007 when he joined the youth team of Sport Club Internacional. Through his dedication and skill, he made his debut for the club’s first team in 2010 and played a vital role in their win in the prestigious 2010 Copa Libertadores.

Are Juan Jesus and Gabriel Jesus related By Family?

Despite the speculations and rumors that may be going around, it is important to clarify that Juan Jesus and Gabriel Jesus are not related.

Even though they share the same last name and are skilled footballers from Brazil, their paths and backgrounds differ.

Gabriel Jesus, born in São Paulo, Brazil, has achieved important success in his career, especially while playing for European clubs.

His journey began at the youth academy of Palmeiras, one of Brazil’s famous football clubs.

With his immense talent and impressive performances, Gabriel quickly made a name for himself and caught the eye of Europe’s top teams.

In 2016, he made a significant move to Manchester City, where he continued to develop and contribute to his team’s success.

Gabriel Jesus has also represented the Brazilian national team, showing his skills on the international stage.

On the other hand, Juan Jesus, born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has his own talents and achievements.

His career started in the youth team of Sports Club Internacional, where he honed his skills and eventually made his debut for the first team.

Juan played a vital role in Internacional’s triumph in the 2010 Copa Libertadores. Subsequently, he started a new chapter in his career, joining various clubs and making valuable contributions along the way.

Currently playing for Napoli in Serie A, Juan Jesus also proudly represents the Brazilian national team, demonstrating his defensive prowess.

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Juan Jesus Family And Net Worth

Juan Jesus, a very successful soccer player, has earned a prominent position among the most popular and richest players.

According to reputable sources such as Famous Birthdays, Juan Jesus boasts a net worth of around $5 million. His lucrative contracts with professional clubs and sponsorship deals have amassed this sizable fortune.

Juan Jesus’ journey to success began in 2007 when he joined the youth team of Sport Club Internacional.

He displayed immense talent and dedication, quickly rising through the ranks, and debuted for the club’s first team in 2010.

It was an important season for Juan as he played an important role in helping Sports Club Internacional to victory in the prestigious 2010 Copa Libertadores tournament.

Juan’s impressive performances did not go unnoticed, and in December 2011, he secured a significant transfer. Sport Club Internacional sold him for a reported fee of around R$9.26 million (equivalent to around €3.8 million).

Interestingly, during this transfer, 65% of Juan’s economic rights were owned by his agent, Giuliano Bertolucci, while the remaining 35% were held by a third party owner named DIS Esporte.

To facilitate the transfer, the owner of the registration rights Juan employed a Brazilian club called Coimbra Esporte Clube as an intermediary club.