CJ Stroud NFL Draft Illness: Is He Sick Now?

CJ Stroud NFL Draft Illness: Is the Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback currently dealing with an illness or health issue of concern?

CJ Stroud is a famous American football quarterback who currently plays for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He has accomplished many feats, including holding various Ohio State records, such as the most passing yards in a game and being the first player to throw six touchdowns three times.

According to his Wiki bio, CJ Stroud started his college career at Ohio State in 2020 as a true freshman. He then became the starting quarterback as a redshirt freshman. In 2021, he made his professional debut in a Bowl game and goes into 2022 as one of college football’s top players.

However, there is no information to suggest that CJ Stroud is currently facing any illness or health issue that is receiving attention.

CJ Stroud NFL Draft Illness: Is He Sick Now?

As of now, CJ Stroud is not sick and is reportedly doing well in his life. However, he has faced health issues in the past, which he has discussed openly with the media.

During Ohio State football’s season-ending regular loss against Michigan in 2021, Stroud and coach Ryan Day emphasized that illness is no excuse. Stroud reveals that he has been battling an illness [1]which influenced his voice and communication on the practice line for the rest of the week. Despite these setbacks, he chose to play.

Health Update

There is limited evidence to suggest that CJ Stroud has been diagnosed with any illness recently. Hence, it could be assumed that he was currently in good health.

As previously mentioned, Stroud has had health issues in 2021 ahead of the competitive game against Michigan, which may result in the team’s loss. At that time, many people caught the flu.

After the game, Stroud admitted that his illness had caused him to lose his voice, which resulted in him taking several wrong-start penalties and missed shots during the game. He later revealed that the problem also affected several other Buckeyes players during their training for competitive play. However, Stroud has since recovered and is reportedly doing well in terms of his health.

What’s CJ Stroud Doing Now?

CJ Stroud’s main focus is on his professional career. He is considered the top pure passer in this year’s NFL Draft, having completed 69.3% of his college attempts, with 85 touchdowns and only 12 interceptions.

Given his reputation for avoiding mistakes and keeping the ball safe, NFL teams in need of quarterbacks compete for his services. The question on everyone’s mind is which team will land him in the end, especially with three teams needing a quarterback holding the top four draft picks.

Additionally, CJ has shown potential to be the top pick in the draft, as the Panthers are reportedly considering trading him for the expected top pick, Bryce Young.

For those interested in following CJ’s current lifestyle, they can follow him on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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