Exam Techniques –

Exam Techniques

Taking an exam is a stressful time for most of us however stress can be easily lessened or even removed by simply practicing in advance of the big event. Below are a few exam techniques below which should help prepare you and allow you to shine come exam day.

Read all questions thoroughly before starting to answer

This will allow you to establish quickly where you think you will gain the most marks, its also a very easy way to focus your brain on the task at hand and dispel some of those worries and nerves.

Check how many marks are available in total and for each question

This will allow you to plan your time effectively. Its not much fun to spend 20% of the allotted exam time on a question only to find out that its worth only 1 mark. Use the marks available to help suggest the amount of time that should be spent on each question.

Plan your answers before writing

Take 20 seconds to quickly formulate a skeleton answer in your head before starting, this will keep you on topic and hopefully avoid any incoherent ramblings.

Command words

Pay special attention to the command word in the question. It is advisable when practicing questions to select a few from each command word.

  • when
  • which
  • Who
  • What
  • why
  • How
  • give

By using common ‘everyday’ language we believe that learners and tutors will be able to understand and relate to the questions and expected answers.

What’s more, it will be easier for NEBOSH Examiners to mark – marking schemes are simpler and if answers are technically correct (and within the context of the question) then marks can be awarded. However, learners are still expected to provide depth and breadth to their answers where applicable.

take time to review

The elation of scribing that final full stop is fantastic, you’ve done it, you made it to the end (without too much tears hopefully) but remember to take time to review your answers. A quick read of your answers may provide an opportunity to spot any mistakes or even better spot an opportunity to add a little more “relevant” detail that may get a little extra credit.

I hope the above helps and takes away some of the common stresses relating to exams, for further examination advice contact your tutor.