How to Quit Smoking – Natural Ways to Maintain Excellent Health

Smoking is the single leading cause of death from cancer. It is a fact that smoking causes severe complications to our health which can eventually lead to our own premature death. In fact, adult male and female smokers lose many years of their lives. However, regular smoking does not lead to instant death but causes a very slow and painful death through diseases like emphysema, blood clots, tuberculosis and many more. In light of these facts, it is a very wise decision to quit smoking and start living a very healthy and long life with your family.


Effective Tips That Can Help Quit Smoking

Here are some tips and methods that can help you in curbing your smoking cravings until you finally quit this bad habit.

Breathe deeply consciously

Take deep breaths as and when you feel the urge to smoke. Be sure to take a lungful of air in and then slowly exhale the air through your lips. This can come in handy when you’re in a stressful situation that might prompt you to light up.

Drink water frequently

Drink plenty of water and other liquids to flush out toxins, nicotine, etc. which can harm your body and digestive system.

Condition your brain

Write down the advantages of being a nonsmoker that brighten your frame of mind clouded by smoking addiction. Be sure to read aloud all the good things you have written. In this way, you can condition yourself to avoid thinking about returning to your addiction.

Try oral substitutes

Use some oral substitutes such as cinnamon sticks or artificial cigarettes to satisfy your smoking cravings. Also, you can munch on seeds, nuts, carrots or candy which keeps your mouth busy and also gives a great taste.

You can also opt for lozenges, nasal sprays, inhalers, or nicotine gum as short-term measures to curb cravings.

From smoking to not smoking – difficult but possible!

Indulge in physical activity

Engage in physical activities such as walking, running, climbing stairs, or other forms of exercise to curb cravings. Alternatively, you might involve yourself in tasks such as cleaning, repairing tools, or sewing to distract yourself during the moment.

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Avoid the urge to smoke

You know the factors or triggers that make you smoke such as when you are stressed, because of a phone call, or when you are at a club or party. Avoid places that remind you to smoke like bars.

In stressful situations, you can carry a journal and record what comes to your mind to relieve stress.

Divert your attention

When you feel like smoking, change your location, and move to a ‘no smoking’ zone. Ask yourself to put off smoking for a few minutes and try to distract yourself, and enjoy the activity for those few minutes. This will help overcome the urge to smoke.

Calm dear

Avoid tobacco cravings naturally
Divert your attention during tobacco cravings

As soon as you feel stress gripping you, apply relaxation techniques such as breathing techniques, yoga, meditation or listening to calming music. These methods are effective in helping you quit smoking.

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Reach out to loved ones

You don’t have to go through a lot of pain when trying to quit smoking. Call a friend or family member or someone who has successfully quit smoking. Talking, sharing and spending time with loved ones definitely goes a long way in staying calm, consistent and successful.

Remember this Health Benefits of quitting smoking

1. This will reduce the risk of many diseases such as cancer, heart disease or lung disease

2. This will reduce the risk of gangrene or impotence caused by circulatory problems.

3. Reduce your child’s risk of developing asthma or glue ear.

4. Improve your general fitness.

5. Save your relationship and hard earned money too.

6. When you quit smoking, the health of your whole family will be maintained because there will be no second-hand smoke either.

We hope these important tips and methods will help you overcome your cravings and successfully quit smoking for good!