Shopping Editors’ Food and Kitchen Favorites of 2022

Despite the upon thousands of newly launched home and kitchen products every year, I can nearly guarantee that all of us have had at least a few standout additions to our kitchen. And though many of us shopping writers and editors have our eyes peeled and our kitchens are ready to test new kitchenware at all times, we carefully consider our own coveted favorites, too.

These products not only need to work well against our (rightfully high) expectations, but they also need to stand the test of time in our busy day-to-day lives. At least one or two products shimmy their way to the top for many of us, and this year, we’ve gathered insight from our commerce food editors and writers — aka shopping and product testing folks — alike to see what exactly hit the mark, and why. (It’s safe to say a few of us became a bit coffee-obsessed this past year.)

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Scroll down to learn more about our absolute favorite kitchen finds from 2022. And if any inspires you to jump-start your own kitchen projects, add them to your cart for 2023.

Shopping Editors’ Favorite Kitchen Buys of 2022

  • Swbiying Plastic Bag and Aluminum Foil Organizer, $39 at
  • Made In Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan, $74 (originally $99) at
  • Meater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer, $100 at
  • Krups Precision Flat Burr Coffee Grinder, $54 (originally $66) at
  • Thrifty Ice Cream Scoop, $28 at
  • Misen Paring Knife, $40 at
  • Zojirushi Rice Cooker, $169 (originally $189) at
  • Graza Drizzle and Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set, $35 at
  • Oxo Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer, $46 at
  • De’Longhi Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, $169 (originally $208) at
  • Kinto 4-Piece Stacking Coffee Mug Set, $50 at
  • Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker, $47 (originally $51) at
  • Anova Vacuum Sealer Pro, $150 at

Swinging Plastic Bag and Aluminum Foil Organizer


to buy: $39 at

“I am kind of an organization nut at home and loose foil and Ziplocs drive me nuts. I went the bamboo route and loved it,” says Jennifer Zyman, senior commerce writer for Food & Wine. This nifty tool is the perfect way to ring in the new year. Its bamboo material will blend in with any natural wood drawer interior, plus it offers an easy solution to an often messy problem. There are five openings for your gallon, slider quart, quart, snack, and sandwich bags, plus two spots that’ll dispense and cut aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or wax paper.

Made In Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan

Made In

to buy: $74 (originally $99) at

“I had a nonstick pan for years that started to deteriorate, and this replaced it. It’s kind of the best of both worlds of cast iron and stainless, which you can use to cook anything. I bought the unseasoned version, which you have to season like a cast iron pan, but that process was easy and made it pretty nonstick right from the start,” Jason Horn, one of our commerce writers, says about this good old pan. Tons of chefs — whether seasoned or just starting out, can benefit from a study pan. Like Horn wrote, this pan has the heat-holding capability of a cast iron pan, but the control and versatility of a stainless steel pan.

Meater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer


to buy: $100 at

“A quality wireless grilling thermometer always feels too good to be true, but the Meater Plus has proven me wrong,” says Megan Soll, senior commerce editor for Food & Wine. This isn’t your ordinary thermometer, since it comes with a wire-free probe and Bluetooth compatibility with an app. “The app is seamless to use and the tool itself is sleek, easy-to-clean, and accurate. We frequently smoke a chicken on the weekends and this nifty probe immediately informed us that our chicken wasn’t completely defrosted (an alert for below optimum temp) and kept track of both the meat as it cooked as well as the ambient temperature inside the smoker so we knew when to adjust our wood supply and vents.”

Krups Precision Flat Burr Coffee Grinder


to buy: $54 (originally $66) at

I love this coffee grinder purely because it’s so intuitive. I’d decided to take a bit more care into my coffee routine this year, wanting to grind higher-quality beans for my morning cup. After researching more affordable coffee grinder options, I landed on this Krups version. It has an area to place your beans (though I don’t pour too much at a time, since it’s not UV-protected), plus you can easily control the grind coarseness and the amount you’re grinding at a time. I just keep it on the same settings, hit the button when I’m ready to make my coffee for the day, and bada-bing-bada-boom, I have a fresh cup, packed with tons of flavorful depth.

Thrifty Ice Cream Scoop


to buy: $28 at

“I needed a new ice cream scoop, and this is the best one I have ever had,” says Zyman. This is another one of her favorites from the year — a uniquely shaped old-fashioned scoop that’s designed to just pull and push ice cream out of a tub with little to no effort. You simply push the scoop in until the top is flush with the ice cream, then twist and pull up, and eject the ice cream into your bowl or onto a cone.

Misen Paring Knife


to buy: $40 at

“This $40 paring knife has become my go-to everyday knife for dinner prep and beyond. At under 8 inches long with a slim 3-inch blade, this lightweight knife is perfect for small hands. I actually use this paring knife more than any of my chef’s knives for chopping veggies and herbs and have recommended it to family and friends,” says Danielle St. Pierre, commerce editor at Food & Wine.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker


to buy: $169 (originally $189) at

“I thought you could just cook rice on the stovetop and [it] would turn out great,” says Daniel Modlin, commerce news and deals food editor. “This thing actually cooks rice perfectly, and I can go on a walk while it’s cooking. I eat rice at least five times a week, and having rice that tastes so good without any effort has changed my cooking habits.” This cooker can make over 5 cups of rice, plus four different settings and additional attachments and a retractable power cord for easy storage.

Graza Drizzle and Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set


to buy: $35 at

St. Pierre calls out another favorite of hers, which is high-quality olive oil with a design perk we can all benefit from. “There’s a reason chefs swear by squeeze bottles in the kitchen. Graza’s single-origin extra virgin olive oils come in a fun, easy-to-use squeeze bottle format and have become a staple in my everyday cooking routine. ‘Sizzle’ is a high-smoke-point cooking oil with a mild, mellow flavour, while ‘Drizzle’ is a drinkably-good finishing oil with a punchy, grassy taste. I’m literally on my third restock after first trying them this past year. It’s hands-down one of my favorite kitchen purchases,” she says.

Oxo Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer


to buy: $45 at

“Though I hesitated to add another gadget to my already packed kitchen cabinets, I’m so happy I pulled the trigger on this mandoline slicer. The adjustable blades have made quick work of slicing everything from sweet potatoes for my Thanksgiving side dish to orange slices for my Christmas tree garland. It’s incredibly easy to clean, and the food holder protects my fingers,” says Taysha Murtaugh, director of the food commerce group. You’ll find four adjustable thickness settings, plus a lock setting, and a food holder to protect your fingers.

De’Longhi Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine


to buy: $169 (originally $208) at

“After spending a lot of money on coffee shop lattes and store-bought iced coffee, I decided to get an espresso machine. This is the best espresso machine for beginners and those with small kitchens. It’s easy to use, takes up minimal countertop space, and produces a beautiful layer of crema every time,” says Bridget DeWald, associate commerce editor for Food & Wine.

Kinto 4-Piece Stacking Coffee Mug Set


to buy: $50 at

“One of my favorite cafes in LA, Botanica, serves coffee in these mugs, which inspired me to buy a set of my own. I love how they feel in my hand and how they stack in my cupboards,” Murtaugh says about this second favorite of hers. Not only are they stylish and space-saving, but they’re also microwave- and dishwasher-safe. A set of these, paired with our favorite coffee grinder, espresso machine, or the pour-over coffee maker below, are for all coffee-lovers at heart.

Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffee Maker


to buy: $47 (originally $51) at

“When I bought this Chemex, I wasn’t even partial to pour over. I went with it because it’s made of 100 percent glass, knowing it would be easy to care for (it’s dishwasher-safe if you’re careful) and wouldn’t add a taste to my coffee, like plastic and stainless steel cans. I keep it warm on the stove at a low heat, and the handle never gets hot. And the design is so simple and beautiful that I keep it on the stove after I clean it, too. I’m definitely a pour-over convert now,” says Mary Claire Lagroue, associate commerce editor at Food & Wine.

Anova Vacuum Sealer Pro

Williams Sonoma

to buy: $150 at

Soll raked up another favorite of the year too, and it’s perfect if you or a loved one likes to cook a lot or preserve food. “I don’t know why it took me this long to buy a vacuum sealer, but I’m so glad we finally took the leap. We’re now able to buy bigger, better cuts of meat and larger amounts of poultry and not worry about having excess to waste or reheat as leftovers. The Anova is incredibly efficient, performed at the top of the pack in our lab tests, and lives up to the many excellent reviews. It protected our ribeyes from freezer burn and kept our bulk food fresh so we can manage our meal planning in a two-person household,” she says. It has six different modes, and has easy-to-use LED control settings, among other features.

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