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Can You Prevent Whistleblower Lawsuits?

When a whistleblower lawsuit is filed against a company or practice, it is common for many of the warnings to be ignored or not handled properly. Most of the time, wrongdoing is uncovered internally first and handling the problem properly

Why Should I Not Use an Online Will?

Online wills often do more harm than good. Many people look to the internet when preparing estate planning documents, such as wills and trusts, but it can set you up for disaster.

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Best Sheet Pan Easter Dinner Recipe

Think you don’t have enough time or space to cook Easter dinner? think again. Featuring cheesy potatoes au gratin, maple-glazed ham, garlicky asparagus, and paprika-spiced carrots, our streamlined version of this notoriously complicated meal is as simple as 2 sheet

Can Your EHR Template Put You in Jail?

If your electronic health record (EHR) template is not set up properly and leads you to incorrect billing, it can result in imprisonment.

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