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If You Cannot Do It – Can You Teach It? – PHE America

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People with physical disabilities hold limited positions as scholars, teachers, or leaders in physical education, recreation, and sports. Perhaps the reason is that the field is flooded with able-bodied people who think they know best. But

Easy Collagen Candy – Maria Mind Body Health

Who wants healthy candy made from collagen?

My easy recipe for keto candy will blow your mind!


To make my easy collagen candy, I used Further Food Collagen!

Further Food gelatin and collagen peptides

Carnivore for Weight Loss – Maria Mind Body Health

My Carnivore for Weight Loss book is FINALLY here!

The past 3 years I’ve been working on my latest book Carnivore for Weight Loss. I believe it’s the best book I’ve written so far!

Craig and I worked late into

Carnivore Scotch Egg – Maria Mind Body Health

Are you a carnivore but are you looking for a tasty way to mix up your diet? My family LOVES my Carnivore Scotch Egg recipe and they can’t get enough of them!


To make

A Practical Approach to Confidence – PHE America

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When I study confidence, I always come away with two distinct themes and one troubling thought. First, it is obvious that confidence is important, so important that even when we are tricked into making it, we perform