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9 Tips to Strengthen Your Mind, Body & Soul to Uplift Your Health

  • This piece was commissioned for Coeliac Link magazine by Coeliac NZ. Many Kiwis live with coeliac disease, which is an autoimmune condition. This has wide ranging symptoms (including hairlessness, irritable bowel syndrome, anemia or low iron, fatigue, weakness and lethargy,

The Impact of Legislative Changes on Workplace Safety –

Legislative changes related to health and safety can have a significant impact on workplace safety. Staying up-to-date with these changes is crucial for businesses to ensure compliance, protect their employees, and maintain a safe working environment. In this article, we

How to engage employees in safety culture initiatives –

Engaging employees in safety culture initiatives

Engaging employees in safety culture initiatives is crucial for creating a safe and healthy work environment. Employee involvement in safety programs not only helps identify and address potential hazards, but also fosters a sense

NEBOSH has regained IOSH membership for International Learners! –

Have you heard the news? NEBOSH has regained IOSH Membership recognition for international learners of the NEBOSH National and International Diploma! This means that learners from all around the world can now benefit from NEBOSH’s prestigious Diplomas and gain GradIOSH

3 Hip Stretches for Runners

By Rachel Grunwell (coach, yoga teacher, multi-marathoner and author of the book Balance: Food, health + Happiness)

Note: This post was sponsored by the Rotorua Marathon event which is on May 6, 2023. Choose from the full marathon, Red Stag

You’ve Passed your NEBOSH! What happens next?

“A goal should not end on completion; it should end with another goal being set.” – Unknown

Congratulations you’ve Passed your NEBOSH qualification! Successfully passing any NEBOSH qualification is a great achievement. It is important to now understand your choices

How Can We Stop Overthinking?

How many evenings have seemed endless due to the constant over-analyzing we do in our minds? If you belong to the category of “overthinkers”, you understand exactly what we mean. A simple and innocent thought can very easily become inflated