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Which Diet (way of eating) Is Best for Health and Longevity?

Proper diet undoubtedly promotes healthier aging and longevity. But what’s the right diet? A meta-analysis of diet studies proposes an answer. or more accurately, answers, based on diet-related biomarkers linked to disease and aging. Half of the studies were

Roasted Beets –

This easy method for perfect Roasted Beets changes everything! No peeling, no foil, and even if you’re not a beet fan, (yet) roasting can turn you into one—I know because it did me.

Roasted beets with basil and goat cheese

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Hmmm, what’s for dinner?

How many times have you asked yourself the following question or been asked it?

“What’s for dinner?”

I would say many, many times…maybe even on a daily basis! This can be one of the toughest questions because you really don’t …

Do You Get Enough Sleep?

We require 7-9 hours of sleep EVERY night which represents approximately 1/3 of our lives. So let’s make it count!

You may think you can function on 6 hours sleep, but in fact, it is not enough to be able