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Ground Beef Stroganoff –

A ground beef recipe is sure to mean a family favorite and comfort food classic, and this Ground Beef Stroganoff tops the list. Egg noodles twirl in a savory cream sauce (made without heavy cream OR cream of mushroom soup!)

Air Fryer Potato Wedges –

Give me big, beautiful hunks of Air Fryer Potato Wedges! Made quickly and without oil, these potato wedges are golden and crisp on the outside and fluffy mashed-potato-like on the inside.

quick air fryer potato wedges on a plate

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7 Surprising Reasons Your Muscles Matter

Is your body ready for an action-packed life?

Are you enjoying outdoor activities, adventures, having fun with your family and friends, and able to EASILY go through your daily activities…with energy to spare!?

Who wouldn’t want that! I know I