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Which Diet (way of eating) Is Best for Health and Longevity?

Proper diet undoubtedly promotes healthier aging and longevity. But what’s the right diet? A meta-analysis of diet studies proposes an answer. or more accurately, answers, based on diet-related biomarkers linked to disease and aging. Half of the studies were

Smoked Chicken Breast –

this Smoked Chicken Breasts it’s so tender and juicy, with a smoky flavor that’s impossible to resist. Best chicken ever? it just might be! Here’s how to smoke chicken breast on any style of smoker that will make you feel

Walking For Weight Control & Increased Energy!

Walking offers many health benefits, including easy opportunities for weight control and energy! Of course, this partnered with a healthy whole food diet will yield amazing results!

Even if you are unable to walk briskly, walking on a regular basis

4 Key Mistakes Made When Trying To Get Fit

Ideally, we should all work on getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle that incorporates physical, mental and spiritual components. There are so many benefits to it, but if we are not careful and don’t do things right, our fitness