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Post-Marketing Safety Data for Brexanolone (Zulresso)

In 2019, brexanolone (marketed by Sage Therapeutics as Zulresso) was approved by the FDA for the treatment of postpartum depression (PPD). Because preliminary studies indicated that brexanolone may have potentially serious side effects, including excessive sedation and sudden loss of

Mental Health and Workplace Safety –

The Relationship Between Mental Health and Workplace Safety

The relationship between mental health and workplace safety is often overlooked, but it is a crucial factor in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Mental health issues can impact an employee’s

Hazard Identification and Control Strategies –

Why Hazard Identification and Control Strategies are needed

Hazard identification and control strategies are essential components of an effective workplace safety program. By identifying potential hazards and implementing appropriate control measures, organizations can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries,

The Impact of Legislative Changes on Workplace Safety –

Legislative changes related to health and safety can have a significant impact on workplace safety. Staying up-to-date with these changes is crucial for businesses to ensure compliance, protect their employees, and maintain a safe working environment. In this article, we

NEBOSH has regained IOSH membership for International Learners! –

Have you heard the news? NEBOSH has regained IOSH Membership recognition for international learners of the NEBOSH National and International Diploma! This means that learners from all around the world can now benefit from NEBOSH’s prestigious Diplomas and gain GradIOSH

Prenatal Exposure to Antidepressants or Maternal Depression?

For many years now, researchers have been examining the impact of prenatal exposure to antidepressants on behavior, risk of psychopathology and long-term neurodevelopmental outcomes. The findings have been mixed. One of the most significant challenges in conducting this research has

You’ve Passed your NEBOSH! What happens next?

“A goal should not end on completion; it should end with another goal being set.” – Unknown

Congratulations you’ve Passed your NEBOSH qualification! Successfully passing any NEBOSH qualification is a great achievement. It is important to now understand your choices

How to make easy, weeknight spaghetti and meatballs

There’s no shortage of meatball recipes in the food world, so what makes one better than another? In short, meatballs should be juicy in the middle, caramelized on the outside and brimming with flavor — so much flavor that they