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Smoked Chicken Breast –

this Smoked Chicken Breasts it’s so tender and juicy, with a smoky flavor that’s impossible to resist. Best chicken ever? it just might be! Here’s how to smoke chicken breast on any style of smoker that will make you feel

Turkey Burgers {Best Ever!} –

It’s a bold statement to be sure, but I stand by it: these are the best Turkey Burgers you’ll ever make! Perfectly seasoned and oh-so-juicy, they’re a healthier choice that doesn’t Sacrifice Flavor.

avocado, cheese, and tomato on a skillet turkey burger

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Avoid These Foods To Live Longer

When it comes to the evolution of food, there have been quite a lot of changes within the past few decades. While local, fresh produce is available, countless individuals are consuming food made in a factory. In fact, the consumption

Should You Be Concerned About Arsenic in Rice?

Arsenic-based pesticides have been used in agricultural practices for many years, and, accordingly, soils and groundwater in the US are contaminated with varying levels of arsenic. Because arsenic exists in soil and water, it finds its way into our food

Weekly Meal Plan 3.12.23 –

By utilizing a weekly meal plan, you can ensure you and your family are maintaining healthy eating habits, exploring new recipes, and ultimately — save time (and money!) in the grocery store and kitchen each week.

3.12.23 weekly meal plan

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Are You Embracing Aging!? – Anita Duwell

Your mind is powerful and extraordinary! put it to good use!

You can listen to the podcast (11 mins long) or read the blog below. Which ever you prefer!

Are you embracing

Hmmm, what’s for dinner?

How many times have you asked yourself the following question or been asked it?

“What’s for dinner?”

I would say many, many times…maybe even on a daily basis! This can be one of the toughest questions because you really don’t …