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Protein Sparing GYROS – Maria Mind Body Health

I love gyros but store bought gyro meat contains gluten.

While I was on my keto retreat in Bali, the people who came on my retreat mentioned I should make gyro meat like my homemade deli meat recipe. So I

Instant Pot Sun-dried Creamy Tomato Chicken

Easy, healthy, and creamy chicken for dinner? Ready in 30 minutes! Instant Cream Pot Sun-dried Tomato Chicken makes all of your dinner dreams come true. This shredded chicken recipe is nutritious and delicious, but there’s also no need for an

Sleep and Weight Loss – Maria Mind Body Health

Have you ever noticed after a night of poor sleep, are you extra hungry? Do you often fall off your diet after a poor night of sleep?

After a poor night of sleep, your blood sugars are automatically higher causing

EHR hazard

The Electronic Health Record can be a very helpful tool. However, they are not without faults. Recent alerts highlight that electronic health records (EHR) are a prime target for cybercriminals. They can also lead to inappropriate billing if not set …

If You Cannot Do It – Can You Teach It? – PHE America

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People with physical disabilities hold limited positions as scholars, teachers, or leaders in physical education, recreation, and sports. Perhaps the reason is that the field is flooded with able-bodied people who think they know best. But