The 5 Best Strength Training Secrets for Faster Weight Loss

Top 5 Strength Training Secrets for Faster Weight Loss – What is the mystery of weight loss? There really is no big secret. The key to losing weight is combining a solid diet and exercise routine. Diets alone can help you lose weight, but we are here with five of the best strength training tips that will lead to faster weight loss.

Strength training really is a dieter’s best friend. This will help you lose body fat, burn calories, and build lean muscle mass more effectively, according to the Mayo Clinic. By doing proper strength training regularly, you can increase your metabolism and burn extra calories.

Eat This, Not That! learn some of the best strength training tips to lose weight faster from Mike Bohl, MD, MPH, ALM, a member of our Council of Medical Experts and a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who has helped develop the Body on Ro Program. When your goal is weight loss, you need to eat less and burn more calories each day to create a calorie deficit. Keep in mind that this will cause you to lose lean muscle—but that’s where strength training comes into play.

Bohl advises, “Strength training is a great way to burn calories, among other benefits… It’s important to follow a strength training routine when you’re trying to lose weight to minimize muscle loss and ensure most of the weight you lose is actually fat mass.

To start, Dr. Bohl shares the following strength training secrets that can lead to faster weight loss.

1. Focus on your big muscles.

women's weight squats

In order for your body to burn more calories, it’s important to work your largest muscles, including the muscles in your legs, such as the quadriceps and hamstrings, and the glutes.

“The calorie difference between training big muscles versus training medium muscles isn’t the greatest in the world, but if you’re at a point where every calorie matters, it might help,” says Dr. Bohl.

2. Do closed chain exercises.

woman doing dumbbell push-ups to lose weight faster

Exercises you do that make use of a stationary object like a bar or floor are known as closed chain exercises. Examples include lunges, squats, chin-ups, pull-ups and push-ups.

“Closed-chain exercises tend to challenge several muscle groups at the same time, which is why they can be a more efficient way to burn calories,” says Dr. Bohl to us.


3. Work out every part of your body.

man doing dumbbells overhead, exercise to get rid of daddy's belly

While it’s important to concentrate on your large muscles, it’s equally important to focus on all areas of your body.

Dr. Bohl suggests, “You may want to consider separate routines (when you work different muscle groups on different days), so you can still go to the gym to work out even while other parts of your body are resting.”

4. Consumption of high-protein foods.

protein diet concept

Bohl explains, “Eating a high-protein diet is important for giving your body the nutrients it needs to recover after a good strength workout.” Plus, this habit will help ensure you’re ready for the next training day.

Protein is very important in your weight loss efforts for more than one reason. According to Nutrisense, eating protein-dense foods helps build muscle, and muscle burns more calories when compared to fat. Protein also helps you feel fuller for a longer time.

5. Be sure to include cardio.

Mature man jogging outdoors, demonstrating exercises men should avoid to regain muscle

There’s no doubt about it: Strength training is king for your weight loss goals, but don’t neglect other forms of exercise.

“Cardio is one of the highest calorie burning activities you can do. Therefore, make sure to intersperse your strength training routine with aerobic exercise as well,” explains Dr. Bohl.